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2008-08-31 22:56:45 by silvis

hi uh ya i lie all the time so heres the turth im 11 im in canada i hate school djdragon dude is cool im in grade 6 so ya also i hate everyone who hates my flash im only a noob i hevend haved a tutorle so ya i like sonic pokemon mario and soulcalibar how do you think i got the name souled so ya


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2008-08-31 23:45:55

Least you had the ball's to say so,Most are your age and dont even tell.

silvis responds:

thanx i got confidnce thats ture


2008-09-02 17:00:50

lol It's funny how all the sonic fans alwase post on dj's page. Oh and nice sonic character.

silvis responds:

thanx man