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souled's life story part 3 perview

2008-08-12 22:42:48 by silvis

hi everyone i havent been on for a long time so i only half aka preview of number 3 so enjoy

souled: man i hate jail its been 2 1/2 days and no food
robot:come with me
souled: fianly a chance to excaspe
robot: dont move i shoot my lazor
souled: ok then sheus
at overlords room
???: you i have been waiting for a long time now
souled: look whats your name
???: my name has no inportance ROBOT skin him alive
(at the skining chamber)
souled: look we can settle this easy like this
(kicks robots)
souled: souled 1 robots 0
comander bot: destroy theart
souled: you wont have it you way robo freak
comander bot: flare conon
souled: shocker
comander bot: icey bolt
souled: over whelming heal
comander bot: lema lazor
souled: dark volt
souled 1 more hit till death
comander bot 1 more hit till death
what happens find out in number 3 full

here is souled dad's worse enemy darklord in sprite i didnt make them tho

souled's life story part 3 perview


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2008-08-12 23:13:25