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life of souled part 2/8

2008-07-31 22:20:06 by silvis

back to were we left off
silvis: it is the king shard
souled: wow is cool
silvis: ya i know its powerfull
souled: cool come on lets get out of here
(silvis and souled gets out of test chamber)
twista: ahhhh
silvis souled: TWISTA
???: wmhahahaha you'll never get her back
souled:not on my watch
(battle engaged)
souled:slash dash
???: beam blast
(5 miniutes later)
(twista falls)
twista: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
silvis: i got you
(silvis chatches twista)
twista: thanks
???: i'll be back
silvis: souled follow him
souled: ok
(14 hours later)
souled: is that his battle ship
souled: NO
(the battle ship leaves)
souled: darn
???: souled
souled: tial
tial: come to the yuiz ship
souled: ok
(on the yuiz ship)
souled: cool tial
tial: ya well its nothing oh heres your room souled
souled: whoa this is cool
tial: ya i know
souled: were you headed
tial: someplace cool like tekvil castle
souled: you mean the richest palace ever
(at tekvil castle)
tial: wow this is cool
souled: ya im even buying a new blade
merchant: here you go the blade of souls
souled: thanks how much
merchant: 5000 gold please
souled: here oh i only have 4999 gold
merchant: come when you have the money
souled: darn i only i need 1 gold
tial: oh here souled
(tial gives souled 10000 gold)
souled: thanks
merchant: here you go then
souled: thanks
(souled gets blade of souls)
souled: ya
tial: come here i person want to challange you
fighter: you i callange you do a battle
souled: ok
(batlle engaged)
souled: soul eater
fighter: comet punch
souled: vishon
fighter: death blow
souled: overpowered slash
(fight over souled wins)
fighter: here you win
(souled gets okami shard 1/5)
souled:wow thanks
tial: lets get out of here now
souled: why
tial theres an army coming here right now
souled: oh ok then
(on the yuiz ship)
souled: man tial lets get some z
tial: ok souled
(the next day)
souled: yawn good morning tial
tial: good morning souled
souled: hey im going out
tial: ok but were nere icey cap
souled: no problem i got my snow board
tial: ok then good luck
(souled jumps off the ship)
souled: wh ow
(souled hits the battle ship)
robot: sir we hit some thing
???: who cares go to full speed
(souled goes in the ship)
souled: whu
(alarm goes off)
souled: darn
(souled gets thrown in jail)
???: hi cutie
souled: who are you
ami: im ami
souled: oh never herd of you before
ami: i got locked up 2 years ago by this evil creep
souled: oh well thats odd
ami: ya well im cute do you think
souled: a little look just tell me his name
ami: his name is...
robot: time to go to the overlord
ami: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
souled: darn whats next
to be returend

oh heres a pic of ami

life of souled part 2/8


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2008-08-04 22:05:36


silvis responds:

thanx go to num 7 to see number one