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life of souled part 1/8

2008-07-31 00:06:30 by silvis

souled: hi im souled heres my lifes story it started 8 years ago i was on my way to kalshal castle then a green figure was there
???: you where is she
souled:who me?
???: no terra
souled:look i dont know who she is look im sry im trying to get the kilfree staff and the gem of power
???: you mean this stone (takes out a tarkrit stone)
souled: hey thats the kings stone tarmit or something... look just what is your name
twista: im twista the godess of wind im here for my pay form the king but hes gone
souled: WHAT he cant be gone
twista: look thats all i know i need help a werid hegdhog come all i saw was....(faints)
souled: wait what do you see (shakes twista)
???:come with me ill help you
(2 hours later)
souled: is she allright
???:yes she fine she just lost her memory
souled:whats your name
silvis:me im silvis im hunting a hegdhog named salka herd of him
souled:nope never have
silvis:ok look if you get the all the gems of power ill give you a great powers and move ments
souled: you me all 5 gems
silvis: ya look shes waking up
(twista wakes up)
twista:uhh who is he souled
souled: oh hes silvis hes a healer
silvis:uhm im more then that im a gard of the gems too i gard the tarkrit stone
souled twista: wow realy
silvis: ya also i need a favor
souled: ok what is it
silvis:find the daren castle in the helvi jungle
souled:ok thats easy
(4 days later)
souled: whu this is not easy i take back what i sayed 4 days ago
???:you your souled right
souled: ya why
???: come
(3 hours later)
souled:WOW a..a.a.....a gem of power
???:yes i need your help i cant beark the bairrer
souled: ok let me try enafrozeo (spell doesnt work) uh carp
gard of stone: you shall DIE!!!!!!!
(after the battle)
souled: i......i won YA ME
???: ...... ok then just get the stone
souled: ok here
???: yes finaly i have it power is MINE i mean the worlds
(the person runs away)
souled:ok im going back to the base
(25 minutes later)
souled: im back
silvis: finaly your back now come
(silvis and souled go under the base)
silvis: heres the testing chamber
souled: Oh my lord is that the
silvis: yep the yami blade
souled: can i have
silvis: no your power cant handle it so heres what im worried about
souled: what is it
silvis: its the ....
to be returend


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